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Java Menu System
     Our website has an easy to use multi-tiered drop down menu system written in java script.  Java based menus are supported by 98% of today's web browsers.
     The four main menu sections across the top of the page, About Us, Services, Products, and Technical Info, are designed to drop down when you mouse over them. The drop down menu shows all of the sub-menus and pages available in that section.  
     In the unlikely event that the menu sections do not drop-down, please read on. 
      Below are three reasons why the website menus or other java applets may not be working on your computer.
     One:  Java must be installed on your computer.  Now days most computers come with java already pre-installed, so this is not normally the problem.  To verify that java is installed and working properly, or to check for new java updates, please (click here).  If java is not installed, please skip down to installing java.
      Two:  Java must be enabled in your web browser.  Enabling java support within your web browser is easy, but the specific process varies depending on the particular web browser in use.  For instructions on enabling java within the six most popular web browsers please (click here).
      Three:  If the latest version of java is installed and enabled, and java scripts and applets still fail to function within your web browser, the problem may be with your computers OS, your web browsers security settings, or with the network router / security device.  Caution should always be taken whenever making changes to security software and network device settings.  We highly recommend that you consult with a computer professional prior to making any security changes.
     Installing Java: Java support software is free and is easy to downloaded and install.  Windows users can (click here), Macintosh and other operating system users please (click here).  To install simply choose your OS platform, and follow the online directions.
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